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Many of us know the popular channel for educating and entertaining kids on YouTube  " Blippi "
Channel with videos for children, filmed by Blippi, also add videos on a weekly basis, from different regions, to educate and entertain the child 
It is not just one channel, but there are several sections that he filmed by Blippi for example Blippi Songs - Educational Songs For Kids , Blippi Toys , Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids and in many languages
But of course you want your child after watching several hours a day of the same content and makers, you want to change, diversify, while ensuring your child is learning and entertaining.
Therefore, we will suggest to you a new option that started in 2020 for a popular YouTube kids channel and grew very quickly, adding various kids videos, real kids, bedtime stories or cartoon series, entertaining your child, and learning him at the same time, thus ensuring that your child continues to benefit from his time watching, and is encouraged to play as well By imitating other children , this link

1- Mollopy

kids videos for kids  <<--click here to see the channel
One of the most kids videos for kids popular kids's channels, a channel that began at the end of 2020 and publishes more than one educational and entertaining video every week
According to what is written in the description of the channel
It is channel have video for kids, and it periodically adds educational and entertaining videos at the same time for the kids, so we can say its channel for kids.
It contains various videos, for children playing, or beautiful cartoons or kids songs for young children
To help them learn, pronounce and play.

Blippi - Educational Videos for Kids
Of course, you should subscribe to the channel, free of charge, to ensure your child always new entertaining videos weekly, a variety to help him learn


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